Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crossing my eyes and dotting my T's

I've held out as long as humanly possible. I've got a website, but the blogisphere has been stalking me, peeking from behind every URL, and following me each time I took a drive down the information superhighway. I interact with my website, but for some reason, it won't interact with me. Nor with anyone else for that matter.

For years I thought a Blog was something that dwells in the jungles of Peru, but it turns out, it is a jungle and now I am its dweller. So 'Eddie's Word Turnings' is my little patch in this blogspot jungle. Climb around in the trees and see if you can find something good to pick, but watch out for mosquito bytes.


PS, if you have a writing related blog, contact me and we can share urls.


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