Friday, November 12, 2010

Book Review - Written in Blood

If you are a true crime fan, Written in Blood is a good read. Diane Fanning has a very clear and thorough writing style.

Michael Peterson was a very successful novelist. As the drama of two suspicious deaths unfold, people begin wondering if Peterson’s ability to spin a story also applies to his real life dramas.

Peterson was a decorated Vietnam veteran, multi-published author, father, and respected member of the community. When his wife has a tragic accident, the pieces don’t add up, and soon a similar death from his past emerges. With little physical evidence, no witnesses, and high powered lawyers, investigators fight through the confusion to determine the evidence. Add to this, his ex-wife gives a positive testimony on his character, and one of the world’s most respective forensic blood analysis experts testifying on his behalf. Yet each one has inconsistencies which convolute the case. It all adds up to a real world story with all the makings of a fiction novel.

Diane Fanning does an excellent job of bringing all the history, testimonies, and events together so the reader can digest it and follow this complicated case.

On the Word Turnings scale of 10,

Readability and reader interest – 9
Content – 8
Plot or Book Theme – 9
Overall Word Turning Value: 8.7
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